At Mak-Addis Tutors, we understand how important it is for students to get a good education. But some students need more than classroom instruction alone to reach their potential. Our database makes it easy for students to connect with tutors across  Addis Ababa, so they can get the individualized attention they need to succeed in school.


It can be difficult for a parent to watch their child struggling in school especially when they don’t know where to turn for help. Students who are not performing well often lose faith in themselves and their ability to get good grades. A tutor can give students the extra push they need to persevere. Parents can help their children connect with the right tutor by using our database.


Nearly every student struggles with their schoolwork at some point during their academic career. While it’s important for students to have a thorough understanding of the material that is being taught in the classroom, there are many other things they need to learn as well. Time management, organizational and test preparation skills are essential to academic success, but they are rarely taught in school. A tutor can help students master these skills and apply them in the classroom.


Mak-Addis makes it easy for tutors to connect with thousands of potential clients in their area. When you list your services on our database, you will instantly gain access to parents, and students who are actively looking for the services you offer.


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